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Darryl Denicola

I am presenting this sweet little video about myself. I just love being outdoors and connecting with people. The motive behind sharing this video is to just people let know- who actually Darryl Denicola   is? The video will describe about the simplicity of my life and what I do to live life happily.

Darryl Denicola's Best Ever Experience Working With Red Cross

I once read a quote by boxing legend Muhammad Ali while in school “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth” and somewhere it stayed ingrained in my memory forever. While I grew up as an average American kid I always felt an inner call telling me “Darryl Denicola, you need to make difference in the lives of others.” After graduating in Chemistry and working with a lab in Louisiana where I didn’t find enough motivation I volunteered with Red Cross and went to China. It was a life changing experience working with the community and one that has made me the person that I am. The Best Experience I Ever Had It happened somewhere during the middle of my stint in China. As usual I was accompanying a medical team visiting a remote part of the country far away from fast developing China that we all refer to at present. In a rural settlement a young girl was suffering from tuberculosis. The girl smiled at me, walked a few steps towards me and said somet