Top 7 Websites of List of Most Haunted Places

World has kept so many wonders in it that no one can witness each and every place in one single life. But if you have keen interest to visit the haunted places or you are looking to read more about such places in all over the world, then you can visit these websites for extremely horrible experience.

We have distinguished these places into different continents which are popular in its own ways.

1. The Most Haunted Places in the United States - National Geographic

2. 12 of the Most Haunted Places in Europe

3. 16 Ridiculously Creepy Places in Asia That Are Supposedly Haunted

4. 15 Of The Most Haunted Places In South Africa

5. The 18 Most Haunted Places In Australia That You Can Actually Visit

6.  Top 10 Most Haunted Places :

7. 7 Most Haunted Places to Travel Around the World - Darryl Denicola


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