Darryl Denicola's Solo Travel Tips for First Timers

Hello guys, I am Darryl an avid traveler who likes to meet new people, explore new places and experience different cultures. From China to Europe to closer home Canada and of course beloved the United States I have traveled a lot and most of those have been solo trips. Solo trips are special as it lets you enjoy the world just the way you wish to. If any of your guys are planning a solo trip it is natural to be a little nervous and have few butterflies moving around in your stomach. So here are a few tips that would make your first solo trip memorable.

Travel Light – On my first solo trip to Europe I learned the most important lesson and till date, an inner voice tells me – “Darryl Denicola never pack more than you can carry.” You may need to climb four flights of stairs or walk a mile in the wilderness, so always keep it light. Choose travel-special toiletries as they help cut down weight.

Keep In Touch – While a solo trip may be to unwind you must keep your family or friends informed about your travel schedule and destinations where you are in. Leave the name of the hotel or hostel where you are put up as this can help in case of an emergency.

Photocopy Documents – Scan or photocopy your documents including your passport and keep them in different parts of your luggage as you never know when you may need them. Also, email a copy to someone as this will let you retrieve it in case you have lost your passport and tickets.

Carry Cash – Cards are surely the most convenient way to make payments but in an alien land where you may not even be well-versed in the local language it is always handy to keep sufficient cash in hand. Research on the place you are traveling and know if you can make card payments easily.

Carry Practical Clothing and Accessories – You aren’t out there to showcase your wardrobe but to experience a new place. Pack clothes and accessories that are practical and would reduce your load. An all-purpose jacket would save you from carrying multiple pieces of clothing.   

Tag Your Luggage – You don’t have a friend or companion to look after your luggage when you wish to answer nature’s call or take a shower. Always make sure your luggage has a name written over it. Even my umbrella has the Darryl Denicola inscribed on it! 

That’s all from me Darryl Denicola and hope you have a splendid first solo trip and what I can say from personal experience you will want to head out again solo.


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